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Suzanne's Ultimate Reading List


These are the most accessible books and a great starting point, particularly for a child who struggles to stay focussed. They have wonderful characters and great writing, but are perhaps less complex and use language that is clear and understandable.

Edith Unnerstad The Urchin
This might be hard to find, but if you can get hold of it you will love these delightful stories.
The Urchin at AbeBooks
The Urchin at Amazon

Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House in the Big Woods
If they like this one, then read the rest of the series!
Little House in the Big Woods at AbeBooks
Little House in the Big Woods at Amazon

Dick King-Smith Sophie's Adventures
(or any of the Sophie books)
Sophie's Adventures at Amazon
Sophie's Adventures at AbeBooks
If they enjoy these go on to read his many other excellent books.
Roald Dahl The BFG
The BFG at Amazon
The BFG at AbeBooks
The Enormous Crocodile
Suitable for children of all ages. A book to be read aloud and enacted. Fun for story teller and listener.
The Enormous Crocodile at Amazon
The Enormous Crocodile at AbeBooks
Matilda invents a game of punishing her parents when they treat her badly. She soon discovers that she has supernatural powers.
Matilda at Amazon
Matilda at AbeBooks
Esio Trot and the other titles
Esio Trot at Amazon
Esio Trot at AbeBooks

Rudyard Kipling Just-So stories
Just So Stories at Amazon
Just So Stories at AbeBooks
These use wonderful language and are magical to listen to. Start with the Elephant, the Rhinoceros and the Camel stories.
Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland at Amazon
Alice in Wonderland at AbeBooks
Alice through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass at Amazon
Through the Looking Glass at AbeBooks

Harry Horse The Last Castaways
or any of the "Last" series
The Last Castaways at Amazon
The Last Castaways at AbeBooks
Jenny Nimmo The Night of the Unicorn The Night of the Unicorn at AbeBooks
The Night of the Unicorn at AbeBooks

Shirley Hughes My Naughty Little Sister stories My Naughty Little Sister at Amazon
My Naughty Little Sister at AbeBooks

Michael Bond Paddington Bear stories
Read the originals, not a modern adaptation!
Paddington Bear at Amazon
Paddington Bear at AbeBooks

E B White Charlotte's Web
The film was good; the book is better.
Charlotte's Web at Amazon
Charlotte's Web at AbeBooks

Peggy Parish Amelia Bedelia stories
These might be too young for some, but they are funny and introduce children to the many double-meanings in English. Very short stories!
Amelia Bedelia at Amazon
Amelia Bedelia at AbeBooks

Astrid Lindgren Pippi Longstocking Pippi Longstocking at Amazon
Pippi Longstocking at AbeBooks